Bali’s “MUST HAVE” Rattan Bag

Everywhere you go, every magazine you read, you cannot get around Bali’s most popular bag; the handmade Rattan Bag!

From what is the rattan bag made of?

The rattan bag is made of a plant called Ata which is very similar to the palm tree leaves. Moreover, most rattan products are made by a process of weaving palm leaves together. There is an abundance of Ata plants in Bali also known as the island of the gods.

Who makes these rattan bags?

My Gratitude Bali loves to support small local businesses and we hope so do you! Meet Jennie and her beautiful daughter. Originally all rattan bags are made in Lombok and they finish them in Bali one by one. Together with her husband, Jennie works from home and she does this every day with a smile on her face :).

What makes My Gratitude Bali rattan bags different from all other rattan bags?

We use a beautiful rayon fabric with a colorful print. Most rattan bags have a typical Indonesian batik design, but we would like to offer something different! Often producers use a plastic strap. However, we use a strap and push button made of leather.

Handmade Rattan Bags are available at My Gratitude Bali for a special rate of USD 45,-

Available in White, Cream and Natural colors (diameter 20 cm)

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